Technical Information

Our knifemaking instructions and polishing guide were written and developed by users both professional and beginner to give you the best information available for each product.  We want you to know what results and products are used by other customers using these products. 

Countless hours have gone into developing and researching
products and techniques to help your job run smoother and with the greatest of ease. 

We have learned you can give the same products to four different customers and often get four different results.  Technique and practice has a lot to do with the final results!. 

We gladly pass this information on to you, our customer.



Round Tang Kits
With Guard and Pommel
Blades Using Pinned Bolsters
and Pinned Handles
Flat Tang Blades
With Cutlery Rivets
Blades Using Corby Rivets,
Soldered Slotted Guards and
Optional Thong Hole Tubing
Blades Using Corby Rivets,
Pinned / Slotted Guards and
Optional Thong Hole Tubing
Tapered Tang Blades Using
Pinned Guards and
Pinned Handles
Lockback Folder Kits


 All information and photos on this site are copywrited.  You must obtain written permission to copy to any other site or written publication.


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